Why does our TS8 series SMD type led tact switches uses the heat-resisting material?

At present,our SMD TS8 6MM LED illuminated tact switches’s base uses PA66 material but it cann’t withstand higher than 260 degrees Celsius,so we are trying to find a better raw material to substitute it.

illuminated SMT tact switches

As we all know the PA9T is a special Polyamide engineering plastics,it has excellent thermostability and it’s a forming material that withstands repeated friction and sliding resistance,it also named as PA9T,that belongs nylon plastic.

The Features:

  • the lowest hydroscopicity in Nylon series resin.

  • Stable size,it won’t make size change and decrease the mechanical strength as for the water absorption.

  • High thermostability,it’s widely used for lead-free solder and it won’t makes any bubble when you use 280℃ tin test.

  • primary liquidity.

  • Low gas, less than other nylon resin is difficult to pollute and corrode the mold, prolong the use of the mold.

  • Fast crystallization speed and short cooling time.

  • In high temperature environment,less reduction in mechanical strength and rigidity, joint line strength, good recycling.

The PA96 is widely applied for electronics products,connectors and SD etc,it’s suitable for the components that need to be SMT soldering,so we choose it to use for our TS8 intergrated LED light illuminated SMT tactile switches.

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