TS16 Series SMD Illuminated Tact Switch

FVWIN TS16 series illuminated tactile switch offer rich single LED colors and bi-color options,it has thru-hole and surface mount models options,there has two types of cap is available.


Before 2022,we don’t recommend customers use the SMD type LED tact switch,because of the soldering conditions,most of the customers want to solder it by reflow soldering,once users didn’t suitably control of the temperature,the tact switch will be destroyed and no function;the soldering temperature is a big problem with SMD led tactile switch.

We looked for many temperature resistance material to substitute the base material,finally,we made it and test the SMD illuminated tactile switch for many times,the 245 Centi-degree won’t impact the function of tactile button,now our illuminated tact switch includes a special temperature-resistance type options.

We are the professionally manufacturer for illuminated tact switches for 10 years,we always keep creative and developing for customers demands.

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