TS7 Series SMD Type Illuminated Tact Switch

TS7 series illuminated tact switch offers through hole and surface mount type terminal, it's available in red-white, red-blue, red-green and RGB LED color opions; there has 10mm round cap for matching;

Recently, we found a type of high temeperature material to apply for the TS7 series SMD LED tact switch, before 2021, our surface mount type illuminated tactile switch only can be soldered by manual and control the temperature under 240 centi-degree, if you use the re-flow soldering, the switch will be melted. The new material can resist the high temperature, the SMT led tactile switch can be soldered via re-flow soldering and the soldering temperature can be controlled 260 centi-degree, the new heat-resist smd illuminated tactile switch is more convenient for bulk mounting.our TS7 series smd momentary illuminated tact switch to solve the issue of soldering;

If there has any request for the SMD type illuminated LED tact switch, please feel free to contact us, we also provide other types surface mount led tactile switch for you.

TS7 Series SMD Type Illuminated Tact Switch(图1)

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