12mm Round (ON)-OFF dome push button switch

PB15 series is a 12mm miniature waterproof push button switch that is a special designed sealed push-button,it features a flat and dome button and thermoplastic body, two terminals,there is the silicone inside the push button;Panel sealed IP67 (Front panel) O ring and lock metal nut are supplied.


The silicone button and switch base can be panel mounted and terminals is also can be connected with standard connector or mounted in a PCB board.

The PB15 series 12mm waterproof push button switches comes in two versions: led lighted or non-lighted,the top buttons are available in different colors.

The 12mm miniature waterproof push button switch is an excellent addition to any electronic project requiring a compact, waterproof switch. This switch offers several benefits, making it an advantageous choice for many applications.

Firstly, its miniature size and compact design make it ideal for use in small electronic devices where space is limited. Its waterproof feature ensures that it can be used in wet environments without risking damage to the switch or the device as a whole. Its durable construction also makes it resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting and reliable use.


In addition to its practical benefits, this switch also boasts an aesthetically pleasing design that can enhance the overall appearance of your device or equipment. Its smooth and precise operation also offers excellent tactile feedback, making it an enjoyable and satisfying switch to press.

Overall, the 12mm miniature waterproof push button switch is an excellent choice for any project that requires a small, durable, and waterproof switch. Its compact design, reliability, and aesthetic appeal make it an advantageous choice for electronic enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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