Soldering Tips Of Tact Switches

1. Pls clear the sundries when you mount the tact switch on the board

2. When you reflow soldering the tact switches,pls don’t make the foam fluxing connect the illuminated tact switches,’cause the foam fluxing will enter the switches to make bad conduction and effect the electric conductivity.

3. Because of the led tact switches isn’t complete sealed,while you install it,pls protect with cover to block the dust and other things.

4. We suggest the Welding pre-heating temperature is less the 100 centi-degree,when you solder it,pls must control the tempetature under the 260 centi-degree.or ,the lomng solder time will damage the pin terminal,so pls noted that the keys

5. If you only weld the tact switches,the first operation and second must has 3 sec. Interval,that makes the weld point has enough time to cooling;btw,you need to solder it after the tactile switch back to normal temperature,otherwise,the continuous heating will make the distortion.

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