LED Tact Switch Classification

It's well known that the LED tact switch is consist of a mini 6x6mm tact switch that inbuilt in a LED light,when you connect the anothde and cathode,the LED will be illuminated;the illuminated tact switch comes with actuation force of 160gf or 250gf,when you press it,there has click and audible feedback.

The LED tactile switch button provides with red,green,blue,yellow,white and bi-color LED indicators options,we also developed a variety of cap buttons for the illuminated tactile button switch,if you wanna engrave special icons on the cap,we also accept to customized it.

Our LED tact switch was divided into suface mount ,through hole,right angle three versions,you can choose different mount methods for your design.All of our tiny led illuminated tact button switch is momentary function and SPSt circuit,if you wanna look for latched illuminated button switch,you can refer to our TS85 series.

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