The Cap Button For Fvwin TS7 Series LED RGB Tact Switches

The Cap Button For Fvwin TS7 Series LED RGB Tact Switches

Fvwin  Electronics makes kinds of illuminated Tact Switches LED and LED Illuminated Button Switches,it includes the single color LED and bi-color color led and RGB LEDs options;you will find the common LED tactile switch has six pins,four for switch button terminal and two for LED pins,

The TS7 series momentary Bicolor or RGB illuminated tact button switches is eight pins,there is four led pins and four switch terminal, it's common anode push button and comes with three types bi-color LEDs,that's red-green led,red-blue led and red-white led,the TS7 series RGB tactile pushbutton switches aslo provided with RGB leds and only 10mm round cap for matching.

momentary illuminated tactile switch

We also offer the SMD and through-hole type,but the SMD button cann't bear the high temperature now,but we've been finding the solution to solver it,we suggest designer uses the DIP type for products, the customized logo on the cap is welcomed.

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