Illuminated Tact Switches

  • 90 Degree Illuminated Tactile Switch
90 Degree Illuminated Tactile Switch

90 Degree Illuminated Tactile Switch

illuminated Tact Switch Built in LED


it's a mini 7mmx7mm illuminated tact switch reset button with colorful embedded LED light, through hole Mounting Style and multiple leds options;

TS20 series illuminated tact switches comes with high bright LEDs that are able to meet customization requirements. With its reduced space usage on board; the TS20 series LED momentary tact switch is perfect for network infrastructure, automotive and medical applications.




Momentary function,

Available with red,blue,green,white,orange,bi-color LED Colors,

Many symbol can be customized




1. Bright low or high intensity illumination led options and provides with red,green,white,yellow,blue,five colors single led and we also has bi-color led indicators.

2. Caps offer an easy type of operation hand feeling

3. In built LED that save board mounting space

4. Sharp click feeling,easy to mount

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Fvwin was established in 2013 and is a global leader in the design and development of engineered electronics components for premier OEM electronics switch manufactures.Fvwin’s expertise and innovative design have led to a preferred supplier status among our customers

Our business field includes industrial,medical,consumer electronics,audio equipment, and security equipment design.

Fvwin has a mature customer orientated,process based quality system and program development system.