Illuminated Push Button Switches

  • Illuminated Broadcast Push Button
  • Illuminated Broadcast Push Button
Illuminated Broadcast Push Button Illuminated Broadcast Push Button

Illuminated Broadcast Push Button

Illuminated PCB Mount Video Processor Switches


The TS15 series Audio/Video illumianted push buttons switches featuring with concave, engraved, square caps in two common sizes 12*12mm and 15*15mm for design flexibility in LED System Solutions applications,gold plating contacts terminals insures high reliability and long operations life of 200 thousand.

Fvwin TS15 series illuminated control broadcasting push button is a stable PCB mount Led button switch,there is emitting color with red,green,blue,white and yellow,that has four three various cap sizes of 12mm,15mm,16mm are optional,we also provide engraved logo on the sculptured square caps for the Matrix switcher illuminated LED button;

The illuminated push button with LED offering with smooth tactile hand feeling,it’s mainly applied for broadcast system,LED stage lighting console and other video processor solutions.





Rated:12VDC ,100mA

Contact Resistance:200mΩ(max)

Insulation Resistance:100MΩ(min)

Withstand Voltage:250VAC for 1 minute

Operation Force:250±100gf

Total Travel:4.5±0.2mm

Function:OFF-(ON) Momentary

Soldering Temperature:350℃ for 3 seconds

Using Temperature:-20℃ ~ 70℃

Life:1,000,000 cycles


1. 12.0mm/15.0mm /16mm/17.4mm cap size options

2. Sculpted Clear Cap style or Laser etch on clear lens for LED Control System & LED Display Screen Solution.

3. An ideal solution for all broadcast panel need

4. Available with super bright red,green,blue,white.yellow LED


LED Color Broadcast Style Button


illuminated tact switch

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