Led Button Illuminated DIP Tactile Switches Manufacturer

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Led Button Illuminated DIP Tactile Switches ManufacturerTS10-0000Y

Illuminated Tact Switches Series Technical Parameters:


Rating:50mA 12VDC


Insulation Resistance:100MΩ Min (at 500 VDC)

Dielectric Resistance:AC 250V (50/60 Hz for 1 minute)

Contact Resistance:100mΩ Max. (Initial)

Electrically Life:300,000 Cycles Min

Ambient Temperature:-25°C~ +70°C

Operating Force:160 ± 50gf

Total Travel :0.25±0.1 mm

Button Shape:round

Button Size:6x6x9mm

Manufacturer Series:TS10

Momentary Type:push it- on, release it - off

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