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TS17 Series Illuminated Tact Switches

2018/2/1 17:23:44      view:

The TS7 led tactile switches is available in one, two or three-color light models. The tri-color is accomplished when the red and green LEDs are simultaneously illuminated beneath the white keycap. The switch uses TS7 switching mechanism creating a space saving 10x10mm key cap area with a low profile of 11 mm. They offer the same footprint as the TS7 switches with the exception of the added LED connections on the PCB.

The led tactile switches provides an operating force of 160 gf typical with a service life of 1,00,000 operations minimum, The switches are RoHS compliant and feature a dust-tight switching mechanism.

These led tactile switches may be used in applications that require visual feedback confirming operation such as test and measurement, office automation, amusement, industrial controls, and medical devices.