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Soldering Conditions Of Illuminated Tact Switches

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Soldering Conditions Of Illuminated Tact Switches:

Condition for Reflow
  1. Heating method
       Double heating method with infrared heater.
  2. Temperature measurement
       Thermocouple 0.1 to 0.2 Φ CA(K) or CC(T) at solder joints (copper foil surface). A heat resisting tape
       should be used for fix measurement.
3. Temperature profile


(1) The above temperature shall be measured of the top of switch. There are cases where PC board's temperature vairy from that of the switch, depending on the material, size, thickness of PC board's and others factors. Keep it in mind, the switch's surface temperature cann't exceed 260°C.
(2) Welding conditions differ depends on reflow soldering machines. Prior verification of soldering condition is highly recommended.     

Manual Soldering
Items Condition                                  
Soldering temperature 350°C max.
Duration of soldering 3s max.
Capacity of soldering iron                              60W max.
1. Consult with us for availability of TACT switch washing.
2. Prevent flux penetration from the top side of the TACT switch.
3. Switch terminals and a PC board should not be coated with flux prior to soldering.
4. The second soldering should be done after the switch returns to normal temperature.
5. Use the flux with a specific gravity of min.0.81


Use Notes:
1. Terminals to carry our welding, if the load imposed on the terminal,  it may be relaxed, deformation and deterioration of the electrical characterisics due to the different conditions, please note that when in use
2. The use of through holes brushes circuit board and other recommended board,  due to the heart stress of change, so please pre-conditions on the welding and full recognition.
3. Welding on the set of conditions needed to confirm the actual conditions of mass production.