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The common soldering method of tact button switch

2021/6/15 15:32:03      view:

The common soldering method of tact button switch

  1. Reflow soldering
  2. Wave soldering
  3. Manual soldering

As we all know,the reflow soldering and wave soldering are different welding process,the reflow soldering is withstanding high temperature for SMT tact button switch,and the wave soldering temperature is for through-hole DIP tact switch button.thje reflow welding is hot air or the other thermal radiation conduction,the solder paste printed pon the PCB is melted and welded to the pin terminal of tact switch,then the wave solder is the tin tank dissolves the tin strip into a liquid and uses the electrical machinery to stir and form wave,so that the PCB is welded to the terminal of button;the wave solder process is preheating zone-soldering-cooling zone,the reflow solder is preheating section-reflow zone-cooling zone.

Nowout TS8 series SMD illuminated LED tact switch for reflow soldering and the temperature is lower than 260℃,the TS7 series RGB/bicolor illuminated button isn’t withstanding high temperature material,only welded by manudal