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SPST normally open off on momentary Yellow Push Button switch

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13mm Panel Mount Momentary Pushbutton normally open micro switch

Current rating: 3A  125V AC

              1.5A  250V AC

Contact resistance: 500mΩ (maximum)

Insulation resistance: 500V DC, 100Mω(minimum)

Withstand voltage: 1000V AC for 1 minute


Operating force: 150 ±100gf


Mechanical life:50000cycles Min


base top cover:PA66

base cover: PBT

handle: ABS

Terminal:silver plated copper

Nut: kirsite

Operation temperate:0℃~85℃


SPST  normally open off-(on) momentary Yellow Push Button switch.  Electrical life 50,000 cycles. Switch is rated at 3 Amp 125 VAC. Switch mounts in a 12mm (.47 inch) hole and has solder type terminals.

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